The Program

Our app puts you through a unique, fun yet challenging workout using a resistance band. You and your dog will be jogging through downtown, the nearest park or great hiking spots listening to your favorite music as a voice will appear, telling you what to do!

Cardio Training
We created this program around cardio to build your endurance, but also for the dog aspect of the program. Not only do we get your dog physically tired, we get them mentally stimulated! We combined dog training in the midst of it all that keeps the cardio segments super fun!

We don’t just concentrate on the jog…we do sprints, high knees, wide Step and more! By breaking it up this way, you never get bored and are constantly moving!

If you don’t like to jog or have injuries that prevent you to do so, don’t worry about it! Although we put you through various cardio segments, we highly recommend you go at your own pace!

Strength Training
This isn’t just a cardio workout, you will be told what to do with your resistance band! Throughout the routine, you will be instructed through various strength training exercises while your dog learns to stay. We divided the 5 days of each week into different body parts so each muscle will be fully concentrated on every week.

If you need help with an exercise, the interface will give you an option to see the exercise video and/or image/description so your workout isn’t interrupted. By becoming a member of this site, you will have access to the exercises for each routine should you like to prepare for the actual workout of that day!

Dog Training
Although our bootcamp has 9 commands, we use 4 in the app! During the cardio is when we give the commands and it’s important that you don’t stop moving. We’ve found fast, repetitive commands makes you more excited which will also get your dog to share the excitement. If you do our progam long enough, you’ll see a huge difference in the way your dog behaves in public, high distraction environments.

The fast commands are not only visually stimulating and super impressive, it becomes super fun for your dog as they are quick and exciting!


If enough people purchase this app we already have plans for version 2 which will use more commands, and various types of workouts!