How it Works

Hi, welcome to the Thank Dog! Bootcamp Mobile app!  Thank you for trying our program!

Anytime you see a phrase in bold below, click on it for a video example!

If you would rather LISTEN to these instructions, click here.

We strongly recommend that you use our site before every workout, just to make sure you know what the exercises are so you aren’t interrupted.

We’ve supplied 20, 1-hr routines – a month’s worth.  There are 5 routines for each week and each day concentrates on different body parts.  We have a body part calendar on the site for you to view. We do recommend you do them in order because all 4 of 5th routines of the week – Full body routines  – were created to concentrate more on the body parts worked on at the beginning of that week. Every single routine is different, once you are done with the month, you can start over. We promise it will be like new all over again.

The app allows you to create and control a music playlist, while also controlling your workout.  When instructions are given over your music, it’s always listed on the interface.  When you need guidance for an exercise/cardio and/or command given, there will be buttons that you can press to get the video or image/description pertaining to it.

Be prepared to go over an hour should you need to pause your workout frequently.  Either it’s to see what an exercise and/or command is, or your needing more time to perform the instructions given.

Also, it’s important to know that you should always go at your own pace. We had to design one workout that will fit all so, we do have some tips for those who need a more challenging version, or for those who need to go a little slower. I will talk a little more about that later.


Although we do a warm up, we don’t stretch you out.  Make sure you’re completely loosened up before starting any routine.

Everyone must have resistance band(s), leash and whatever else you use to train your dog (training collar, and/or treats). Our bootcamp uses combinations of strength training, cardio training and dog training to give the owner and dog a really great workout.

You definitely want to do each workout in areas that have poles to use for several of the exercises.  We find areas around parks work best.

Once you get your music playlist selected and you viewed the exercises on line, you are ready to go!


The app is based on our actual outdoor fitness bootcamps. Normally a person and their dog would under go the required basic obedience lesson and consultation before starting the program.

Although, we have 9 commands in our regular program, we’ve only included 4 in the app.

We use code words for the obedience portion in our camps in order to instruct the bootcampers.  Once you hear the code word, you will stop and instruct your dog to do the command that pertains to that word.  For example, “Command 1” means heel.

We do rapid, repetitive commands throughout the workouts.  We’ve found that it often gets the person excited while training, which makes the dogs super into it.  We also find that they learn faster this way as opposed to going through the motions. Finally, this allows a smooth workout, with no interruptions.  Once a command is given, the rule is, you must keep your feet moving.

Here is an example of Command 1 – 4 with some different cardios with my dog Quinn.

This takes practice…it’s a skill for both you AND your dog.  Once you master it, you will be surprised at how quickly your dog does things for you, but also the type of control you’ll have in other environments.  This type of training teaches your dog to focus at all times and honestly…it’s super fun.

On a side note, everyone comes in thinking their dogs would never do it, but, honestly, in our classes now, 15 people’s dogs do it simultaneously…it’s awesome, almost like a performance and its due to consistency and practice.

Every command and command series (multiple commands in a row) has a certain amount of seconds to get it done.  If your dog isn’t doing it fast enough, that’s ok, you have options! Either you can pause the workout when each is command is given, OR, skip it. The main thing is…don’t give commands you can’t follow through with.

After every command or command series instructed, you will hear “Command 1, when you’re ready”.  That means, once you’re done doing the commands stated, you will move on to the “heel”, meaning, jog with me with no pulling, on your own, until the next instruction.

If your dog hasn’t mastered, let’s say, the “down” before starting the workouts, that’s not an issue.  Everytime you hear “Command 3,” which is the down command, then only instruct your dog to sit.  Don’t set them up to fail…do what they know and then work up to being able to do the program at it’s entirety.  Do what you can, don’t get frustrated. It’s always great to have a goal to work towards.

The obedience is super important in every routine, please watch the dog training video to learn how to teach your dog the commands we use to engage them.

CARDIO (Remember to click on anything bold to see examples!)

These workouts are all cardio based. When you’re not doing exercises, you’ll always be moving, whether it’s a jog, sprint, high knees or whatever it is. OR if you’re in a command segment, you must keep moving your feet. Throughout the cardio is when we do the dog training.  You will be in a nice jog and will suddenly hear a series of commands.  Try to do them as fast as you can while continuing on your run.

If you’re not a runner, don’t worry about it…when you hear “Jog it”, go ahead and walk.  If you hear “Sprint”, just pick up your pace for that 15 – 20 seconds and go back to your normal pace.

Throughout the cardio, you will hear, “Freestyle!”  it’s always for 2 minutes and it’s a time for you to listen to your music with no interruptions, but its also a time to do whatever you want in it.  You may use it as a time to drink water, stretch and/or take a break, or what we love most, is to use it to do any cardios, exercises and tons of dog training commands that you like to do!  Be one with your music and your dog! We will always give you a 10 second warning that’s its almost over.  There are 4 -5 in every routine.


When you hear a command, sometimes there will be a quick exercise given with it.  For example, “Command 2, 10 Jumping Jacks!”.  MAKE SURE YOUR DOG IS SECURE BEFORE STARTING THE EXERCISE.  You will get a certain amount of seconds or minutes to complete it.  If you hear a command called out before you’re finished, just quickly pause the workout and play it again once you’re done.

Even though the app is set to assume the exercise will take an individual x amount of seconds or minutes, there’s always a grace period of 8 or more seconds where a person will either be back into a jog if they are done in the proposed time, or using it to finish up. If you didn’t pause the workout, and weren’t able to get back into a jog, don’t worry, you’ll just go right into the next thing.

If you don’t hear a specified time or count of how many to do, just get into the exercise and do as many as you can until instructed to do something else.  Don’t worry if you only get 2 done…it’s just to keep you moving and to keep it interesting.

For the more involved exercises, you will get a certain amount of time to do one set of something, 3 sets of something or a timed segment in which we will do the countdown for you.  You will always have the last 10 second warning that we are about to move on.  Once again, you will still have an 8 – 10 second grace period, even after that last 10 seconds.  If you got done with the exercise before the time is up, just disregard the warnings and be on your way with your dog, or you may push “next” for the next exercise/command.

Sometimes you will hear “Band off”.  That means you will be using your band to do the exercise instructed. You will have 15 seconds to get the band, secure your dog and get into position to perform the exercise. If you think you need more time than that, again, pause the workout, but remember to play it as soon as you’re ready so you don’t waste time.

Sometimes you will go from exercise to exercise. If that’s the case, you have 10 seconds to go from each exercise to the next.  If we think it’s a quick transition, it will be 5 seconds. You will always be told when your minute or 2 minute timed segment starts.

We will always let you know if you’re using a pole or if the exercise is for a single side.  If you don’t hear those instructions, assume you won’t be using an object for the band, but also that you’re using both arms are legs to do the exercise. If you don’t hear the words “band on” even if we’re telling you to jog, don’t put your band away, keep it in your hands because you will be using it again in a short time.

Remember to look at the interface should you forget what it is that you should be doing and don’t forget to use the video and image/description buttons if you need help with the exercise.

If you need an alternate way of doing things, click on the image/description button next to the exercise.

If you need to make the exercises more challenging…add your own twist, combine exercises stated or substitute your own while following our format. If all goes well with this app, version 2 will cater to all levels, allow customization, etc.  So, tell your friends to download!


The workout will be challenging as it’s a constant movement.  The commands may also seem fast and intimidating.  However, once you get started and get your groove, just like everyone in our  actual camps, you will become a natural at it.

Make this workout your own…if you need to, skip commands until you master it and/or go at a faster or slower pace to cater to your fitness level.  You are the only one that knows what you’re capable of. If you can only work out for 30 minutes, use your next button often.

This is a skilled workout…and it’s very rewarding.  So, get your shoes on, grab a leash and start your app workout! Thank Dog! Bootcamp!